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greatsex's Journal

Mind Blowing Sex
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

Community moderated by vichesse and nycgal

UPDATE: May 1, 2005

All posts submitted to this community are now moderated and approved before being posted to the community. Either follow the rules or your post will not be approved. Any spam or posts made by members just looking for a good time will not be approved.


1. All pictures containing nudity must be placed behind an lj-cut tag.
2. Any entries containing explicit content must be "friends only".

EDIT: September 28, 2004

3. Posts containing links to external sites that are NOT relevant to the community, providing some form of tips or useful information to the community members regarding sex will be deleted, and the offender will likely be banned. This includes all posting of links to sites like adultfriendfinder, and affiliate/referral sites. Keep your posts RELEVANT to the community, please!

The purpose of this community is to share experiences and tips about great sex. Members are encouraged to ask questions and give advice about how to have a more satisfying and fulfilling sex life. If you have any suggestions regarding sex toys, lubricants, or any other "marital aids" please feel free to openly promote/praise or discuss the downfalls or your disappointment with a product. Whether you have good or bad sex, feel free to discuss your experiences and ask questions.

Explicit Content:
When I say explicit content, I am referring to the following: Nudity, graphic descriptions of sex acts and genitalia.

Please note: If your user icon contains nudity, please mark your entries as "friends only."

This is not a "show your tits" community, although pictures are allowed when placed behind an lj-cut if they contain nudity.